Pyrenees Puppies for Sale

We are expecting a litter out of our beautiful
girl Jasmine and Champ. Pups due in May.

We are breeders of Great Pyrenees puppies.  Our goal is to provide families with healthy puppies with the look everyone desires and excellent temperaments. The beautiful Great Pyrenees, also known as the gentle giants, are both great live stock guardian dogs and family companions and make wonderful watchdogs.

“The Kinealy Family Farm”

The Harvest Acres Family farm, is located in Wright City, Missouri (40 miles west of St. Louis), is owned and operated by James and Kim who also have 2 children at home: Matthew and Cameron. The Kinealy family has been raising and rescuing large breed dogs since 2000. They started with many large breed dogs but have become loyal owners of the Great Pyrenees.


Our dogs are big boned and have the nice big block heads and wonderful temperaments.  Our Great Pyrenees have very nice bloodlines with several champions in their pedigree. Some of those champions are Patarama, Tip’Nchip, Pyrless and Rivergroves.

Gentle and affectionate, Great Pyrenees puppies make wonderful family pets. They can be protective of their family, yet patient and loyal.  Great Pyrenees have a natural guardian instinct that make them trustworthy with small, young animals.

Harvest Acres Gentle Giants 

We breed quality AKC Great Pyrenees puppies with Champion Bloodlines.

Email: HAnewfsnpyrs@yahoo.com

Kim Kinealy

Phone: 314-458-4727

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